The Last Run

Director: Richard Fleischer
Year Released: 1971
Rating: 2.0

A professional driver (George C. Scott) living in Portugal takes on "one last job" (cough) to pick up hired gun Paul Rickard (Tony Musante) - who broke out of prison - and his girlfriend Claudie (Trish Van Devere) and take them to France, but it turns out a lot of people want Paul dead.  It partially wants to be this moody arthouse movie and also a Bogart-esque crime picture but the tone is completely off - Scott's character claims coming out of retirement is just an 'ego trip,' but it really seems that he's just suicidal (and can't get over the death of his son).  The cinematography (by Sven Nykvist) is sharp, but screenwriter Alan Sharp needed to work on the script a little more to make it less flagrant - in the words of Bogie himself, if you're going to give your actors and actresses something expository to say, camels better be doin' the deed in the background.