A Kind of Loving

Director: John Schlesinger
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 2.0

Vic (Alan Bates), who works as a drafting technician, actively pursues coworker Ingrid (June Ritchie) and they go on a few dates, but he sours on her in a short period of time which makes her chase him, she gets pregnant, they get married, they move in with her mother (who is a complete nag), they fight again, she has a miscarriage, etc.  While it may be important from a historical point-of-view (as a part of the Kitchen Sink Collection), in reality it's a generic boy-girl story: Bates' character is a moody jerk who starts by staring holes into Ingrid's face and then dismisses her callously, and the only one who makes any sense is Bates' father, who has only a few minutes of screen time.  I know they wanted something resembling a "happy ending" to close it out, but these two trying to 'stick together' might be the worst thing for them.