Shoplifters of the World

Director: Stephen Kijak
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.5

Superfan Cleo (Helena Howard) reacts super-dramatically to news that her favorite band, The Smiths, have broken up so her and her friends just hang around their hometown of Denver all night - elsewhere, record store clerk Dean (Ellar Coltrane) decides to hijack a radio station and force DJ Full Metal Mickey (Joe Manganiello) to play all four Smiths records (at gunpoint).  It's based ever-so-loosely on a "true story" - an 18-year-old named James Kiss planned on taking over station KRXY but turned himself in - that Kijak and Lorianne Hall just exaggerated ... and  added to that terrible dialogue ("This music is salvation," "If Duran Duran broke up I would light myself on fire," etc.) and a lot of over-acting.  One of the only positive things about these Jukebox Movies - in which the "story" is structured around the songs - is that even when they're tough to watch, at least they're nice to listen to ... and if this gets the Zoomers to "discover" Morrissey and Marr, it's done its job.