Fun With Dick and Jane

Director: Ted Kotcheff
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 3.0

Upper-middle class couple Dick (George Segal) and Jane (Jane Fonda) have a cozy life in the suburbs (they can even afford to have Jay Leno work on their floors!) but when Dick gets fired from his job at Taft Aerospace by his boss Charlie (Ed McMahon), they have to try to find work elsewhere - which they're not good at - before eventually turning to a life of crime.  The Dick & Jane kids' books were the initial inspiration and then they took it in a satirical direction: it's trying to make a point about under-employment and poverty in America and how the system is so screwed up - and this was over forty years ago (and remains so today) - that the "only way" to "make it" is through nefarious acts (which is how the rich remain rich).  Not all the jokes land - Jane bungling a dinner party, for example, is hard to watch - but the bit in the unemployment center involving a transgendered individual (that Segal mocks) could have been written in 2020.