Made for Each Other

Director: John Cromwell
Year Released: 1939
Rating: 1.0

Young attorney Johnny Mason (James Stewart) quickly marries Jane (Carole Lombard) on a trip to Boston, but when they get back home they face a slew of issues: Jane clashes with her mother-in-law, they have to cancel their honeymoon to Europe, a dinner party is ruined by an unhappy servant, Johnny has to take a pay cut so the couple has more money problems ... and then their baby gets deathly ill and a "special serum" has to be flown in from Siberia (but actually Utah).  Both Stewart and Lombard are fine as the leads - that's what star power can do - but the movie (written by Jo Swerling) keeps putting both of them in steadily increasing moments of anguish so when it finally gets to the pilot who literally collapses on the floor of a house with the medicine it's finally far past ridiculous.  Maybe I'm being shortsighted, but wouldn't they have saved up some cash by, you know, not paying for all those housekeepers?  It's not like Lombard's housewife has anything else to do....