Come True

Director: Anthony Scott Burns
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

Teenage misfit Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) runs away from her family (for reasons never provided) and, finding herself homeless, joins an experimental "sleeping clinic" (because she drinks a pot of coffee a day? could that be it?) which ends up giving her awful nightmares.  I shouldn't have expected much considering this is based on Internet-written creepypasta (the whole Slender Man story, specifically), but it needed a whole lot more background detail: it gets broken up into sections named after terms from Carl Jung's lexicon ("Anima/Animus," "The Shadow," "The Self") but never elaborates on what the Swiss psychiatrist's theories have to do with what's on screen, and Burns is largely focused on using strobing effects and long first person perspective shots of going through long tunnels (filled with hanging bodies) to set up the jump scares.  In the last "act," it also feels the need to mimic 2011's Drive for whatever reason ... and there just so happens to be a night text to tell her how to feel ("we'll go all, all, all night long").