The Seventh Veil

Director: Compton Bennett
Year Released: 1945
Rating: 1.5

Ms. Cunningham (Ann Todd), a concert pianist, attempts suicide by jumping into the river but lives and is unable to speak, so psychiatrist Dr. Larsen (Herbert Lom) uses hypnosis (groan) to get her to recall her difficult past and involvement with three men: her possessive second cousin Nicholas (James Mason), an American musician (Hugh McDermott) and an artist (Albert Lieven).  For being something of a 'soap opera,' it's pretty dry and uninvolving, and I find it curious how some movies glorify psychological therapy as a "total cure" - Lom, constantly fiddling with his pince-nez, represents the stereotype of the "serious European analyst."  At the end, the key to "unlocking" Todd's "real self" comes down to her "choosing" between three less than appealing men, so of course she chooses the most controlling and manipulative one.  The movie might call this "love," but I call it spending years back on the couch....