Miss Grant Takes Richmond

Director: Lloyd Bacon
Year Released: 1949
Rating: 2.5

"Realtor" Richmond (William Holden) hires Ellen (Lucille Ball), the worst typist at her secretary school, to work for his "company," which is really just a front to receive horse racing bets over the phone ... but she takes the job very seriously, trying to buy up land and build properties.  The premise is very thin - and I'm not sure how someone with as many personal connections as Ellen has can't seem to get a real job - but it's not without its charms: both Ball and Holden have genuine star power (they'd reunite on one of the most famous episodes of I Love Lucy) and, as always, Ball emits the kind of energy that could power a small town.  The supporting cast doesn't disappoint either: James Gleason is an underrated American Treasure and Janis Carter, as Holden's ex-girlfriend, adds a little mustard to her line "I'm always in for Dick."