Ornette: Made in America

Director: Shirley Clarke
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 1.0

"Free-form" documentary about the legendary avant-garde jazz musician Ornette Coleman, as he's honored in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas (and deservedly so).  Clarke makes the grievous error of trying to 'imitate' her subject's eclectic style, and her 'creative decisions' are suspicious: there are too many jump cuts, flickering effects and she re-uses footage so much that it becomes annoying to look at.  Being a fan of his, I actually think this does him a massive disservice - not only doesn't it even try to explain his methodology or philosophy with regard to his music, it regards him as some sort of alien being that makes sounds for fellow extraterrestrials.  Just put on his 1961 record "This Is Our Music" and listen to that instead.