Passing Fancy

Director: Yasujiro Ozu
Year Released: 1933
Rating: 2.5

Co-workers Kihachi (Takeshi Sakamoto) and Jiro (Den Obinata) leave a vocal performance and find a young lady named Harue (Nobuko Fushimi) outside with nowhere to stay, so they invite her to live with them - Kihachi becomes infatuated with her while much younger Jiro dismisses her.  This early silent by Ozu is even more casual and frivolous than usual - there's minor bickering over the girl, and then it forgets about her temporarily when Kihachi's son Tomio (Tokkan Kozo) ends up eating too much candy (!) and then actually requires medical attention, which I guess is supposed to add some poignancy to it.  Despite being only above average, the director was only thirty when he made it ... and he shows considerable patience and wisdom that today's filmmakers around the same age wish they had.