The Arbalest

Director: Adam Pinney
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 0.0

Amateur inventor Foster Kalt (Mike Brune) - who created a gadget inspired by Albert Lamorisse's The Red Balloon that converts oxygen into helium - rips off another person's idea for a toy cube (a la Rubik) and becomes famous for it ... but remains infatuated with Sylvia (Tallie Medel), who helped him pull off the swindle.  There are countless bad decisions made in this low-low-budget indie - the scenes are shapeless, at one point Brune decides to act like Jim Carrey (in close-up!) and Pinney is constantly playing around with camera angles - that is completely detached from the way human beings think or behave.  The ending is a truly special kind of stupid: did he invent the microwave, WiFi and quantum computing too?