Portrait of Jason

Director: Shirley Clarke
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 1.5

In her Hotel Chelsea apartment, documentarian Clarke - along with her partner, Carl Lee - pressure club promoter Jason Holliday (born Aaron Payne) to talk about how he worked as a house boy and his life as a hustler, his life in San Francisco, and what it's like being both homosexual and an African-American.  There's a curious time capsule quality to it, but it's also highly annoying: Holliday can't stop laughing at his own "wit" (and his stories tend to veer in every which direction) and the camera keeps losing focus (whether this was intentional or not, I'm not sure) ... and then, after feeding their subject booze, then start to insult him in order to make him cry just so they think they have a "proper ending" (which is hardly ethical).  Some of the stories are interesting - I like Jason's imitation of Mae West - but it needed an editor ... preferably someone sober.