Director: Allan King
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 1.0

Canadian documentarian King spends several weeks in an institution for children with serious emotional disturbances as they screech, throw tantrums, spit on (or pull the hair of) the adults that work there.  He's basically using the same playbook as Frederick Wiseman: refraining from making any large statements or asking direct questions and just observing (often with extreme close-ups), leaving the audience to do all the work, but after the fourth (or is it fifth?) shot of a youngster out of control (and needing to be restrained) you have to wonder what lingering on psychological torture is actually accomplishing.  I don't mean to play armchair psychiatrist, but why didn't the staff just tell the kids the cook moved to another job instead of dying if they knew it would cause them to go overboard?  White lies are sometimes a necessary evil.