The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Director: Roger Corman
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 1.5

Corman's (for him, expensive) take on the infamous event that took place in Chicago on February 14, 1929 as the rivalry between Al Capone (Jason Robards, hamming it up) and "Bugs" Moran (Ralph Meeker) left seven members of Moran's gang gunned down in a garage (which, today, is a parking lot for a nursing home!).  The cast is loaded and there are a few sporadic moments of interest - there's a rather long, dragged-out fight between George Segal and his girlfriend, played by Jean Hale - but generally speaking this does a mediocre job telling the story: it's clunky and saves up most of its energy for the ending sequence and getting the positioning of the dead bodies correct.  I watched a special about this very subject on The History Channel and it was not only more informative, but more streamlined too.