Laws of Gravity

Director: Nick Gomez
Year Released: 1992
Rating: 1.5

Petty criminals Jimmy (Peter Greene) and Jonny (Adam Trese) spend their days stealing from stores but when they talk to an old pal who has guns for them to sell, things get unhinged really quickly.  It's a quick and cheap look at small time bums (shot in a little over a week) - cinematographer Jean de Segonzac's hand-held camera is always on the move, dodging and weaving around the bodies - that's (barely) held together by Greene's magnetic performance, which is good enough to distract from the fact that there's really no story being told.  The machismo gets so extreme - everyone keeps saying "chill out" and yet no one does - it becomes a parody of masculinity, and every single night there's a fist fight at the local watering hole.  It's worth noting that Edie Falco is outstanding as Greene's girlfriend - her shouting "Jimmy" would be replaced by "Tony" just a few years later....