The Owl and the Pussycat

Director: Herbert Ross
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 2.0

Unhappy, unlucky writer Felix (George Segal) - who just had his manuscript rejected by a publisher - reports his neighbor Doris (Barbra Streisand) for prostitution, so she ends up in his apartment, demanding that she stay the night ... and then they proceed to bicker constantly (she calls him a variety of homophobic slurs, he loses his cool over not being able to sleep).  It's a little like a knock-off Woody Allen project - who, coincidentally, Ross would direct years later in Play It Again, Sam - except with considerably more screeching (courtesy of Babs) and tiresome arguments: getting into a fight with a hooker over how many clients she's had is like being mad at a customer service representative for taking too many phone calls.  There's a chaotic energy to the two of them that keeps it moving, but when he treats her like a dog in Central Park, that's crossing over a line it should have never crossed, ending it on a slightly sour note.