Thriller - A Cruel Picture

Director: Bo Arne Vibenius
Year Released: 1973
Rating: 1.0

Madeline (Christina Lindberg) has had bad luck from the beginning: as a child, she's raped in the woods by the local whacko (her parents are nowhere to be found) and loses her ability to speak; as an adult she's abducted, drugged, has her eye plucked out and is turned into a heroin addict and prostitute - naturally, she has enough of this one day, hires personal trainers (to learn how to shoot a gun and drive a car) and starts killing people.  As an exploitation movie it's so cold it might be frozen internally - the fact that Lindberg doesn't say a word (so we don't know what she's thinking) contributes to the chilliness a great deal - and Vibenius commits several Crimes Against the Cinema with his "choices": odd buzzing sounds accompany the sex scenes (with hardcore inserts) and his abuse of slow motion completely ruins the last act.  It does have a sense of sleazy 70's Nordic Chic: Lindberg's eye patch always matches her outfits (ooh la la!).