True History of the Kelly Gang

Director: Justin Kurzel
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

Peculiar reimagining of the Ned Kelly story, starting with his younger days (played by Orlando Schwerdt) killing a cow and being "mentored" by escaped convict Harry Power (Russell Crowe) to life in his twenties (played here by George MacKay) as he and his cross-dressing followers take on "the man" (and lose).  There's an Oedipal component to this - involving Ned's crackpot mother Ellen (Essie Davis) - that's somewhat interesting, but Kurzel's presentation is entirely too overheated and frantic: almost every scene runs to the extreme (there's tons of screamin' and hollerin') and the final shootout - with Ned clad in armor - looks like a horror-themed discotheque.  I understand the need to find a different 'slant' to tell a familiar story, but looking to Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers (and Kurt Cobain's closet) for inspiration isn't recommended.