Breaking News in Yuba County

Director: Tate Taylor
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

Sue Buttons (Allison Janney) is going through a heck of a hard time: she's unappreciated at work, her husband Karl (Matthew Modine) is cheating on her and she's lacking in self-esteem, so when she finds her spouse dead in a hotel room with his mistress (Bridget Everett), she buries his body and then goes on TV to whine that he's "missing."  Not only is the premise completely odious - being rewarded for foul behavior - but almost the entire cast is loathsome and the movie, which seems to want to be a jokey crime story with countless plot holes, then descends into utter idiocy mixed with graphic violence (an ear gets shot off, an axe lands in someone's chest, someone gets stabbed to death, etc.).  With a cast this stacked it's almost surprising they could make something so entirely devoid of charm, but dadgummit they pulled it off.