Director: Steven Soderbergh
Year Released: 1991
Rating: 0.5

In this (unfortunate) work of historical fiction, Czech writer Franz Kafka (a very miscast Jeremy Irons), who works as a clerk but only thinks about writing, finds his co-worker has been killed and discovers a secret group of terrorists (led by Theresa Russell) that plant bombs around town.  If you would have told me that no one involved - not Soderbergh, nor credited screenwriter Lem Dobbs - did any legitimate research into the actual life of Kafka I would completely believe it, because this feels completely alien to what's on the page ... and any attempt to invoke his work (which Max Brod thankfully did not destroy) is pathetic.  I do know Soderbergh at least saw Welles' masterpiece The Trial (which is evident from some of the shots), but at least Orson understood the tone (and context) of the subject matter.