Saint Maud

Director: Rose Glass
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Recent Catholic convert "Maud" (Morfydd Clark) gets a job as a nurse for Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a dancer with terminal cancer ... but flips when she finds out Amanda has a female lover and is fired for slapping her at a party (Amanda the atheist was also taunting her for her newfound "faith").  It's considerably more visceral and "showy" than psychologically probing: it's vague where necessary information would have been nice, but has no problem watching Maud vomit, roll around and have "seizures," see tornadoes form in pints of beer, levitate or listen to "God" talk to her (in Welsh!).  I was sure that her "madness" was due to sexual repression, but she fools around with two guys (the same night!) complicating that theory ... it was only after she sets herself on fire at the beach that I realized it's just plain ol' schizophrenia.  They have treatments for that.