Malcolm & Marie

Director: Sam Levinson
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

Upon returning to their home after an awards show in which filmmaker Malcolm (John David Washington) wins a prize for his latest movie but neglects to thank his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya), the two have a quite long verbal duel, in which she accuses him of taking her for granted (or casting her in the project), while he acts petulant and does the old trick of bringing up ex-girlfriends.  It's essentially a one-act play needlessly stretched out, and Levinson seems to be using it to 'defend' himself as an auteur, even childishly stopping this over half-way in so he can have Malcolm go on a tirade about a "white lady" critic from the L.A. Times (back in 2018, Katie Walsh had the audacity to not like Assassination Nation).  Between this and Euphoria, I truly believe Zendaya is one of the best actresses of her generation (it's the heavy eyelids, I swear).