Director: Mike Cahill
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.5

An architect (Owen Wilson) - who is addicted to painkillers - "accidentally" kills his boss, scoots out of the office to go to a bar, meets a gypsy-like woman (Salma Hayek) who tells him they're soulmates and that he's "real" and then they take yellow poppers and toss people around ... but they might be living in a simulation.  I don't know if Cahill knows this, but you can re-write your screenplay for clarity, because this is an incoherent jumble: it turns out Wilson and Hayek are both doctors working on some Big Brained Simulation, but then it just confuses itself (and, I'm guessing, a portion of the audience) since it just seems to be winging it.  It's the last movie I'd have expected to see Slavoj Žižek pop up in a cameo, but even some of his written and spoken rantings make some kind of sense ... sometimes ("pretend that you suffer" and so on).