Director: Quentin Dupieux
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.0

Right after flushing his old jacket down the toilet (well, almost), Georges (Jean Dujardin) purchases (for over 7,000 Euro!) a deerskin one that he's so obsessed with he has conversations with it ... and then, with the help of a bartender/editor named Denise (Adèle Haenel), tries to pursue his "dream" of being the only person in the world ... that wears a jacket (yes, this is the actual plot).  Dupieux - who also makes music under the moniker Mr. Oizo - earns praise for not only coming up with one of the most absurd ideas for a movie, but for following through with it in the most deadpan manner possible: Georges even goes so far as to sharpen a ceiling fan blade to slice open anyone who refuses to surrender their apparel to him (Dujardin, ever the professional, is totally committed to this wacky premise).  There's a temptation to read "something" into it - about the need to be shielded from society, about setting unattainable goals that lead to self-destruction - but I'm not sure the director cares about much of that: to use a phrase from the Brits, I think he's just havin' a wank.