The Dig

Director: Simon Stone
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.0

Just before WW2, widow Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan) - who is not in the best of health - hires archaeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) to excavate tumuli on her property, which leads to the discovery of treasures ... and a very large ship.  While this is very important from a historical point-of-view - say it after me: Anglo-Saxon! - I'm not sure anyone thought about whether or not it has any dramatic appeal (it doesn't): even a made-up storyline involving Peggy Piggott (Lily James) and her closeted husband Stuart (Ben Chaplin) just feels tacked on (and an attempt to appeal to "modern viewers").  In fact, by the conclusion the vessel and the loot become an after-thought to Ms. James gettin' it on with an RAF pilot.  Lie back and think of England, etc.