Butt Boy

Director: Tyler Cornack
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

Office drone Chip (Cornack) has his first prostate exam and a whole new world opens up to him in the form of shoving things up his tuchus (first small objects, then the family dog and then whole people); years later, at an AA meeting (the first "A" means something else for him), Chip becomes the sponsor for Detective Fox (Tyler Rice), who suspects him of being a serial killer.  At first I thought this was going to be about homosexual panic, but not really: the main character is married with child and has no outside dalliances, and Cornack - in the most deadpan manner possible - takes the 'concept' (which is something 7th graders would laugh about at the lunch table) as far as possible, turning it into a 'crime thriller' (queue the Michael Mann-type music).  By the time it gets to its third act - which takes place entirely inside Chip's rectum - it's either completely lost you ... or you're John Waters (who once recorded a man's anus "singing" along to "Surfing Bird" by the Trashmen).