Saint Frances

Director: Alex Thompson
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.5

Aimless 34-year-old woman-child Bridget (Kelly O'Sullivan, who also wrote this dreck) leaves her job as a waitress to work as a nanny for a lesbian couple (Charin Alvarez and Lily Mojekwu) and becomes attached to their six-year-old Frances (Ramona Edith Williams) who, by being precocious and unflappable, teaches her how to be an adult (or something like that).  Here's another dud straight out of the Indie Factory, using the little girl for cuteness points while its lead acts like an entitled jerk who clearly has unexplored Daddy Issues (she has a brief fling with a guitarist/poet named Isaac that's close to twice her age) and aborts the child she had with her not-boyfriend Jace (Max Lipchitz): in one especially repellent moment, she holds the pea-sized fetus in a tissue and Jace compares it to a "rat turd" and they both laugh (keep in mind: I'm pro-choice).  If O'Sullivan expected her character to earn a scintilla of pity, she wasn't getting it from me.