Director: Kantemir Balagov
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

In Leningrad, right at the end of WWII, shell-shocked nurse Iya (Viktoria Miroshnichenko) is supposed to be taking care of the only child of her friend Masha (Vasilisa Perelygina) but she has a "spell" and smothers him to death, so then Masha claims Iya "owes" her another child, since she's barren due to multiple abortions.  Balagov's treatment of post-war trauma is purely for-show, with little in-depth analysis of what's going on in his 'heroines' heads: they spin around and make-out and it seems like they're constantly engaged in a staring contest with each other, which I think is supposed to reflect their "inner state" but goes on so long it becomes unintentionally funny.  Both actresses are just fine, considering they're given little to work with, although it too often brought back unfortunate memories of Chytilová's Daisies.