Director: Lee Isaac Chung
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

Jacob (Steven Yeun), who is from Korea, takes his wife Monica (Yeri Han) and young son David (Alan S. Kim) to Arkansas to work as "chicken sexers" (examining chicklets to determine their gender) while planning on starting a farm, with some assistance from a local - and loyal - kook (Will Patton).  Chung's pulling from his own experiences as an immigrant living in the American South so there's an element of authenticity there, but it sets up three plot points that it fails to deliver on: Grandma moving in (it's a waiting game until she gets sick, and she does but doesn't perish), David's heart murmur getting worse (but instead it heals up!) and the farm failing (the ending is lazy).  It dodges a lot of potential traps - for example, none of the Caucasians are "aggressively racist" even though they say some ignorant things ("Why is your face flat?") - but it's also oddly inert and not as emotionally affecting as it should have been.