Director: Garrett Bradley
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

Sibil Fox Richardson, the mother of six children, fights for decades to free her husband Rob from The Farm for armed robbery (she was his accomplice), and director Bradley uses old footage Sibil recorded of herself to show the early days of her struggle.  Let me be clear: a sixty year sentence for that particular felony is unquestionably excessive and the American Prison System needs a gigantic overhaul, but you can't try to rob a bank, get caught and then refuse to take the plea deal they had on the table (which Sibil took) and expect an ounce of pity.  Bradley's more interested in clouds and tiresome lecturing over actual content (the teacher in me continuously sensed padding): there are too many unanswered questions (what was the nature of the hold up? was anyone injured?) that needed addressing, and instead it prioritizes the 'emotional' aspects of the situation.  I will say this, though: as a single mother she did a fantastic job raising some really sharp kids.