Director: Barnaby Thompson
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.5

Wanting to change up her life and move to San Francisco to study photography, Pixie (Olivia Cooke) gangs up with fellow dimwits Frank (Ben Hardy) and Harland (Daryl McCormack) to sell a stolen bag of MDMA that her ex-boyfriend got from a bunch of "gangster priests."  I'm guessing Tarantino was the key "inspiration" for this straight-out-of-film-school "comedy-thriller," but none of the leads are even semi-likeable and that fabled Irish Wit is nowhere to be found (in its place, there's middle school jokes, like comparing a certain female sexual organ to a Mexican food staple).  There isn't a whole lot to applaud (although Alec Baldwin as a corrupt man-of-the-cloth comes close), but I do owe the movie a 'thank you' for reminding me Lee Hazlewood's eerie "My Autumn's Done Come" exists.