Director: Cooper Raiff
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.5

       Severely depressed college freshman Alex (Raiff) spends a sleepless night with resident assistant Maggie (Dylan Gelula, looking alarmingly like New Zealand singer Lorde) as they bury her dead turtle, play softball (poorly) and eventually have sex ... until she goes back to her "old ways" of bed hopping.  Linklater is the clear connection, but without the refinement: it could be a generational thing, but Raiff is considerably more narcissistic (he films himself crying no less than three times) and the script is rambling (we don't need a revival of mumblecore).  Maggie's just another variation of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, whose flightiness (and promiscuity) 'teaches' homesick Alex to turn his self-hate into anger at her, "awakening" him ... although the movie then "forces" her to commit to him, which leads to the unrealistically upbeat ending.  Speaking as someone who's kind of been there ... yeah, no.