Small Axe: Education

Director: Steve McQueen
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 3.0

Pre-teen Kingsley (Kenyah Sandy) dreams of being an astronaut (and playing for Tottenham, don't forget that Lord) but he has trouble reading (and is prone to the sporadic outburst in class) so his Principal sends him to what he calls a "special education" school but it's actually classified as being for "educationally sub-normal" youths.  Both McQueen and co-screenwriter Alastair Siddons did their homework for this, because based on personal experience I can say many schools are not able to handle students with learning disabilities, and there are great points made about biases in testing and how there are teenagers who graduate from high school and are still illiterate.  Of course, it's a monstrous (and controversial) topic for just an hour - and it's a stretch to suggest that becoming interested in a subject area (here it's African history) can help a twelve year old become literate - but I get the point.