The Kid Detective

Director: Evan Morgan
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.5

As a young lad, Abe (Adam Brody) ran a successful detective agency (and was something of a town hero), but he's lost a lot of the luster as an adult until one day a young lady named Caroline (Sophie Nélisse) asks him to solve the murder of her boyfriend.  For two thirds of this, it's a pleasantly off-beat (and sometimes quite amusing) take on the detective story - think if Nancy Drew grew up to be a pot-smoking waitress who does sleuthing on the side - that may be highly improbable (Brody gets away with everything) but is at least compelling in its story of someone who peaked too soon ... but the ending is downright lame, not quite ruining what preceded it but leaving on a sigh instead of a feeling of triumph.  Every high school teacher already knows the Principal is his/her Moriarty....