Director: Carlo Mirabella-Davis
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.0

Unhappy housewife Hunter (Haley Bennett), who is pregnant with her wealthy businessman husband's child, takes the advice of a self-help book ("Every day, try to do something unexpected") very seriously, and starts ingesting non-nutritious items (a marble, a thumbtack, a chess piece, paper, a battery, a safety pin, etc.) until she's hospitalized.  It's an unsettling (and self-assured) work that's really about how families mishandle addiction and mental health crises (they have her followed by a male nurse, the hubbie asks the therapist for private information) and how feelings of worthlessness - Hunter is asked by her mother-in-law what she did for money before she married into wealth (it was retail, by the way) - manifest in ... peculiar ways.  The ending is perhaps a little too pat - not to mention grim, as the baby is flushed and not cleaned up and placed on a dresser - but Bennett's raw performance sells it.