Black Bear

Director: Lawrence Michael Levine
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.5

Actress-turned-filmmaker Allison (Aubrey Plaza) goes to a "retreat" run by pregnant Blair (Sarah Gadon) and her boyfriend Gabe (Christopher Abbott) - things get testy when Blair suspects Gabe is coming onto Allison.  For the first half, it's like a rambling, irritating stage play, with Levine turning Blair into a confrontational harpy ... before he pulls the rug from under his own movie - it turns out that it's about the making of a movie, and Gabe is actually married to Allison, who suspects him of cheating.  I suppose Levine deserves a shred of credit for trying to do something a little different - about jealously and art - but the two halves don't mesh and the gimmicky nature kind of nullifies the intended effect.  Plaza going from relatively composed to a hot mess is noteworthy, however.