Myra Breckinridge

Director: Michael Sarne
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 0.5

Much maligned - and deservedly so - "adaptation" of Gore Vidal's novel about a man named Myron (critic Rex Reed) who gets a sex change operation in Denmark to become Myra (Raquel Welch), flies over to Hollywood, takes over an acting school (run by John Huston) and proceeds to ... ahem ... sodomize the "studs."  The wit and satire of the book are completely washed out by this hatchet job, which feels the need to distractingly add in clips from old movies and ends up a campy and horrific jumble - the credits list Danford B. Greene as the editor, except the very same year he worked on Altman's masterpiece M*A*S*H, so my guess is a coke fiend broke into the editing room, cracked his knuckles and went to town.  Vidal himself called it "an awful joke," which - considering his formidable vocabulary - is most likely the nicest thing anyone could say about it.