Director: Matthew Michael Carnahan
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

The Nineveh SWAT Team, led by colder-than-cool Jasem (Suhail Dabbach), are fighting against terrorist group Daesh (but they also go by ISIS or ISIL, etc.) in Iraq and drag a police officer (Adam Bessa) along with them to help out on their mission ... except they won't tell him what it is.  As an action movie it's got some zip to it, but Carnahan (brother of Joe) is far better at recording a shootout than storytelling: all it seems to amount to is 'not all Muslims are bad' - in fact, at one point one character actually says "We're the good guys" in case anyone wasn't paying close attention - which should be commonly understood by anyone with a semi-functioning neo-cortex (as someone with Syrian neighbors, I can say you're missing out if you never tried kunafeh).  It also seems to try to let America off the hook for our own atrocities - "Don't talk about the Americans.  We're past that." - when the elephant in the room is wearing red, white and blue.  Of course, you could just read the Luke Mogelson article it's based on in the New Yorker (which I do strongly recommend)....