Chick Fight

Director: Paul Leyden
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

When shop-owner Anna (Malin Akerman) has her place (accidentally) burned down, her police officer pal Charleen (Dulcé Sloan) takes her to a "secret location" where women fight each other and youngster Olivia (Bella Thorne) keeps knocking heads around - to try to compete with these lady pugilists, Anna requests the training of a drunkard named Murphy (Alec Baldwin).  Call me soft all you want, but watching women beat the tar out of each other is not a viable path to personal fulfillment or happiness - I still cringe when I see women slam each other around in the UFC - and the idiotic screenplay seems more interested in checking off Progressive Points (lesbian African-American lady, out-of-the-closet widowed father, mysterious transgender lady smoking in the corner, etc.) than even attempting to set forth a reason how or why brawling in a cage is emotionally rewarding (except to let out anger ... but then the misogynists win, right?).  Someone needed to step in and rewrite the jokes (which are god-awful), but I do agree that "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray is a misunderstood classic.