The Nest

Director: Sean Durkin
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.5

A commodities broker (Jude Law) takes his horse trainer wife (Carrie Coon) and two children from New York back to England to make it "big" with his firm, but every attempt to pull off a huge deal fails, which puts a financial strain on his home life.  It's fine for a movie to try to be a "slow burn," but it needs to lead to something more substantive and creative than what this tries to do: the "downward spiral" starts with a dead horse (bad symbolism alert!), then the son gets bullied at school, then the daughter starts hanging out with druggies, then the wife takes a job cleaning slop ... and then she starts crying over the same dead horse.  The performances by Coon and Law are just fine, but Durkin needed to figure out a way to reward the audience with something other than "don't pretend to be rich if you're poor."  There is a good quote in there courtesy of Jude during a business meeting: "In America, everyone believes they can be anything" ... which is true, or else why would financially-disadvantaged people consistently vote against their own interests?