Director: Eshom and Ian Nelms
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

Talk about oddities: a rich and petulant child (Chance Hurstfield) who's unhappy with his lump of coal from Santa (Mel Gibson ... yes, him) hires a hitman (Walter Goggins) to take him out at his home in North Peak, Alaska (where his elves make toys ... and later on, parts for fighter jets).  For the most part, this deconstruction of the Christmas movie isn't as bad as you'd think - even though casting a Black English actress (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) opposite Mel (considering Mel's personal history) does feel like a move to rehab his image - and both Gibson and Goggins add a menacing presence to the picture, but it falls apart when it turns to guns, bombs and gore (Santa gets impaled, too) and loses a great deal of its off-beat charm.  It isn't what you'd call "funny," either - Bad Santa has nothing to worry about - but hey, the directors tried something new ... and it didn't work.  You get a sticker for trying.