The Paramedic

Director: Carles Torras
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.5

Medical worker Ángel (Mario Casas) becomes a paraplegic after he was in an accident while on duty, and then suspects his girlfriend Vane (Déborah François) of cheating on him, so he bugs her phone, she finds out and leaves him ... only for him to lure her in months later and keep her tied to his bed.  It's a strictly C-grade piece of genre fiction - I can picture the book version at an international airport, just begging to be bought and forgotten - that might have worked a little better if either lead was remotely likeable or pitiable.  It wants to be a #MeToo movie, but François' character is hardly innocent herself ... although that ending is a nice little gut punch: maybe Ángel was right and they do deserve to be miserable together.