My Octopus Teacher

Director: Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

South African documentarian Craig Foster, feeling burned out from his profession, finds a female mollusk in a kelp forest and decides to start visiting her every single day, recording how she has to protect herself from pajama sharks, learns to outsmart shellfish (for sustenance) and how she disguises herself.  As a work of outdoor photography it's absolutely breathtaking - like the very best of the Planet Earth series or any National Geographic special - but that's about all it is: Foster seems to bond with the creature (he never gives her a name, which he should have), which is sweet (I guess) but as a 'feature film' it's more than a little bloated and the "lessons" the octopus teaches can be summarized in the Wikipedia page on it.  It's good to acknowledge the power and mystery of nature ... but this is more about Foster, and that's where it gets vague.