Ship to India, A

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Year Released: 1947
Rating: 2.0

Hunchbacked sailor Johannes (Birger Malmsten) returns home to work for his mean father Capt. Alexander (Holger Löwenadler) and the girl (Gertrud Fridh) he was dreaming about since he was gone ... who is having an affair with his Dad.  It's clear that Bergman did not write the source material - it's based on a play by Martin Söderhjelm - because this is free of nuance and entirely too drawn out, but fans of the filmmaker can recognize some elements of future work in this, namely his interest in dysfunctional families and psychological dilemmas: there's clearly an Oedipal component to Pop and Son having relations with the same woman.  He wouldn't really start to put out his gems until around 1951 (with Summer Interlude): even geniuses whiff sometimes....