The Devil's Eye

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Year Released: 1960
Rating: 3.0

The Dark Lord himself (Stig Järrel) has a stye on his eye that he believes is caused by the purity of woman on Earth named Britt-Marie (Bibi Andersson) who is "saving" herself for marriage, so he summons Don Juan (Jarl Kulle) back from a long slumber to take her virginity ... except the lothario falls in love instead.  Even though it's a lesser known Bergman - released, fittingly, the same year as The Virgin Spring - and something that could be considered a 'comedy' it's still smartly written and very sweet: he's using religious concepts in a more lighthearted way, and the antics of Don Juan's servant Pablo (Sture Lagerwall) can best be described as a persistent frat boy at 2 AM on a Saturday night.  "Love" - representing the Heavens - does "win" at the end, but then again, there was that kiss (was it only a kiss?  how did it end up like this?)....