The Golden Glove

Director: Fatih Akin
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Fritz Honka (Jonas Dassler) is a hard-to-look-at alcoholic living in Hamburg who (a.) gets impossibly drunk and (b.) brings home equally tough-on-the-eyes older prostitutes (who like to drink), beats and kills few of them (others flee), dismembers their bodies and stuffs them into the walls of his apartment ... and that's it.  I don't have an issue with movies about difficult subjects, but comparing this to the 'realistic' Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or even Von Trier's allegorical The House That Jack Built gives it far too much credit: Akin's too into the vapid sensationalism and grime - a lot of the dialogue is about how bad things smell - like it's trying a teensy weensy bit too hard to nauseate the audience, which is a cheap move since there's nothing to think about.  It's based on a true - and ghastly - story (the real Honka died in 1998), but it isn't really into character analysis - Fritz's brother Siggi (Marc Hosemann) is also a booze bag ... so maybe there's a genetic connection? - and there only two redeemable/"innocent" characters, a nerdy boy and his attractive blonde date: she gets away without being carved apart by Fritz, while the lad gets urinated on by a former Nazi.  We've all had nights like those, am I right?