Tiger Bay

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Year Released: 1959
Rating: 3.0

Constantly fibbin' Gillie (Hayley Mills) sees a Polish sailor (Horst Buchholz) shoot his nasty ex-lover and tries to help him get away, but Superintendent Graham (Sir John Mills) is tenacious and seemingly everywhere.  The credits say it's based on a short story by Noël Calef but it's somewhat similar to the 1949 film The Window (written by Cornell Woolrich), except that picture was more of a thriller and this is more of an unlikely buddy story (the scenes in the fields bring back uncomfortable memories of Sundays and Cybèle).  Audience appreciation depends on how tolerant one is of Lil Hayley's screechiness and Buchholz's overacting, but the ending is surprisingly sweet - he has to save his pal's life not once but twice - and it pulls off the odd move of actually getting its viewers to hope the immigrant gets away (sorry, you can't just murder someone who cheats on you).