The L-Shaped Room

Director: Bryan Forbes
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 3.0

Twenty-seven year old Jane (Leslie Caron), who was impregnated by a married actor, runs away from her family and goes to live in a boarding house with other outcasts: gay musician Johnny (Brock Peters), retired actress Mavis (Cicely Courtneidge) and failed writer Toby (Tom Bell), who seduces her and then rejects her when he finds she's with child (that's not his).  Forbes is clearly taking a swipe at British Stuffiness (regarding bedroom activities) and presenting a clear-minded and tender portrait of people-on-the-fringe and how they bond together, only lagging midway through (when it becomes just a bit overbearing) before picking up for a heartfelt (and bittersweet) finale.  Special mention needs to be made about the performance of Dame Courtneidge, who reveals the "truth" about herself to Caron in a delicate and pitiable manner ... and later dresses up and sings a song (which would end up on a certain album by Mr. Morrissey).