Vanilla Sky

Director: Cameron Crowe
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 1.5

Playboy Tom Cruise meets with disaster when he gets into girl-trouble and a near-fatal accident, turning his life (and face) into a real mess. It's pretty clear that this kind of material isn't Crowe's forte, and watching him try to explore the metaphysical and psychological meaning of the story (based on a 1997 film - talk about quick turnover) is almost as uncomfortable as listening to Penelope Cruz try to tackle the English language. The song selection and placement is either obvious or misguided - Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye" kicks in ... well, at the 'last goodbye' while a buoyant Beach Boys track plays in the background of what is supposed to be a tense moment. It's the most beat-up Cruise has looked since Born on the Fourth of July, but he left his impassioned side in Anderson's Magnolia. Anyone that can sit patiently through the laborious - and often unintentionally funny - last hour is commendable.