Director: Frank Henenlotter
Year Released: 1990
Rating: 2.0

Upset that his fiancée Elizabeth (Patty Mullen) was chewed up by a tractor, medical school flunky Jeffrey (James Lorinz) - who engages in self-trepanation to "calm" himself - comes up with a plan to blow up prostitutes with chemically modified crack and then use their bits to rebuild his lover (trust me: this is a normal weekend in New Jersey).  Clearly, with a title like this Henenlotter - who wrote the script with Fangoria editor Robert Martin - isn't trying to be serious (he even denies it's a horror movie): it's a blacker-than-black comedy made for the Midnight Movie crowd ... except without a lot of blood and with a large number of Styrofoam body parts.  It's tawdry but fun at times - even the great Bill Murray (sarcastically) recommended it - and ends with, dare I say, something of a feminist twist?